Behind the Hemson Collection: Colours of Canada

Behind the Hemson Collection: Colours of Canada

It’s no secret Hemson is a Canadian brand with a longstanding love of our country’s unique culture, traditions and lifestyle from coast to coast. That’s why we channeled this passion into our collection of top-shelf goods, creating a colour palette of four signature shades reflecting Canada’s natural wonders: a deep navy, crimson red, earthy green and clay grey. 

Join us on a little trip throughout our country to see how it inspired our accessories; particularly, the RoverBarrier and Trunk


Freshwater Lakes

Fun fact: Canada has a whopping 31,752 lakes! We’re partial to Lake Muskoka for its beauty and nostalgia; weekends spent at the cottage, splish-splashing around, soaking up the sun.

The water can only be described as a pristine deep navy. One would say it has a jewel-tone quality to it. We took this into consideration when designing our Rover and Barrier bags (which also happen to be trusty companions for a Great Canadian adventure!). After a whole lot of testing, we found the perfect shade that mimics the colour of the lake. 

Shades of Autumn

As summer leads into fall, the leaves gradually turn to rich shades of yellow, orange and crimson red. These are iconic colours of Canada; the maple leaf in particular. Beyond its patriotic symbolism, it’s the source of maple syrup, a.k.a. liquid gold! Long before the coming of European settlers, Indigenous peoples discovered the food properties of maple sap, becoming a Canadian symbol as early as 1700.

It wasn’t a tough choice to incorporate this beautiful autumn leaf into our palette. The Rover and Barrier capture that iconic red we see every autumn. Its rich tone gets us every time... and we also can’t help but crave some “tire à l’érable” (maple taffy) from one of Quebec’s good ‘ole sugar shacks.


The Woods

Into the woods we go! Here at Hemson, we love a good hike throughout Canada’s many trails and national parks. You can spot lush trees, moss, rock formations, flora and everything in between. Hemson’s shade of green emulates these organic earthy elements. The Rover and Barrier also feature genuine leather, a sleek yet raw accent that amplifies the warmth we were working towards. 

All to say, this is a classic green you’ll never get sick of. 

Country Skies and Basalt

You may be surprised to learn that Hemson’s clay grey shade wasn’t inspired by clay itself! This one has Muskoka’s midsummer moonrise written all over it. When day turns to night, the moon illuminates the sky, becoming grey with waves of violet. This shade was equally inspired by basalt, volcanic rock formations. 

The Barrier, Rover and Trunk were all made with clay grey canvas. Interesting factoid: they have the unique ability to vacillate between grey and violet-grey depending on the light. 

Bring a piece of Canada wherever adventure takes you. Explore the full Hemson collection HERE.