Inside the Hemson Workshop: How the Totem Grinder is Made

Inside the Hemson Workshop: How the Totem Grinder is Made

We often talk about our passion for product design - namely, the thoughtful attention to detail that goes into each Hemson piece from start to finish. Today, we're taking you through the creative process behind our Totem Grinder and how it goes from sketch to shelf. 
The Inspiration
Every Hemson accessory we design is inspired by traditional heirlooms and Canadian living. We've always admired the stacked forms and shapes of a traditional totem pole, as well as the classic materials of wood mills from generations past. We drew on all these elements, with the added features of a modern herb grinder. 
The Design
To start, we put pencil to paper and sketched out a few designs. We then prototyped them using 3D printing and handmade wood to test for comfort, aesthetic and functionality. Several internal tooth designs were also tested to find "the one" that would produce the fluffiest grind. 

The Process

For the external wood component of the Totem grinder, we opted for sustainably sourced American walnut for durability and longevity. In a nutshell, it's spun on a lathe (a machine used for shaping wood), and hand-carved into the final shape. The Totem is then sanded and polished with a natural wax, while spinning on the lathe for natural sheen. What we love most about this process: since we use natural materials formed by hand, every design is slightly different!

When it comes to the inner metal part of the grinder, aluminum billet is die-cast to the general form of the grinder core. Highly detailed machines mill the cores, and a hardening anodized finish protects the metal, while also allowing for easy cleaning. 

And there you have it: the only grinder you'll ever need.

Simply put, the Totem works like a charm, gets better with age and looks beautiful as a décor accent. Get yours here today!