Mother's Day 2020: The Art of Thoughtful Gift-Giving

Mother's Day 2020: The Art of Thoughtful Gift-Giving

Finding Mom a killer gift isn't the easiest feat, but we're here to help you nail it. The key is to handpick items she'll treasure forever; modern heirlooms thoughtfully crafted to last, function at full capacity, and look great. 

Here are our top 3 picks that'll satisfy all moms, tokers or not.

1. The Barrier

For those on the go, the Barrier makes for a great travel companion. Featuring an odour-absorbing liner and dual brass snaps, this durable carrier will get Mom from A to B. The soft leather complements the thick woven cotton canvas and comes in four different colours: Military Green, Navy Blue, Crimson Red and Clay Grey.

2. The Atwood

The Atwood was inspired by the glamorous extenders made popular in the 1920's. This modern, feminine interpretation pays homage to the past, but has also been adapted to hold pre-rolls! Made with wood and solid brass, The Atwood also prevents earthy odours from transferring to your fingers. Mom will feel real fancy puffing on this piece.

3. The Parlour

The Parlour is a stylish addition to one's décor. The best part: it's multi-purpose and can be used as an elegant ashtray, dish, catch-all, or incense cone holder. Made with hand-pressed glass, it dons a classic ribbed exterior and smooth interior for easy cleaning. The Parlour can be washed by hand or placed on the top shelf of your dishwasher.


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